Activities enrich your stay

Yes, that is definitely the case. It is actually the activities that our conference and kick off guests find most memorable many years after the conference. Private guests, however, sometimes enjoy just to relax and take it easy, away from the stresses of everyday life. A relaxing activity may be taking a refreshing walk in the beautiful parks and surroundings or to enjoy our soothing outdoor hot spas. Just to enjoy a delicious multi-course dinner is certainly an activity in itself.

Our extensive experience in arranging conferences and kick offs at Sundbyholm Castle, allows us the ability to customize activities to your specific needs. Depending on the activity or event, we arrange the activities either in-house or via an external event organizer. Browse this page for activity options.
The most unique of our activities are the theme dinners, most notably the 18th century costume balls. We are currently rehearsing for our ghost dinner theatre where our guests will be entertained through a humoristic and dramatic dinner show, with emphasis on Sundbyholm's rich history. To enhance your stay, we are happy to adapt the activities and events to your unique circumstances.

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