Exquisite and beautiful all year round

Sundbyholm Castle offers delightful surroundings during all seasons. Book a conference (with or without activities), enjoy fabulous parties, a romantic Castle wedding, gourmet meals, or just wind down taking pleasure from one of the Castle's Weekend offerings.


The Castle's grandiose Afternoon Teas and unforgettable dinners always put you in the best of spirits. Perhaps you are looking for something really special for your conference. Among many options, may we suggest a festive 18th century costume ball or perhaps a viking dinner?

The Castle building itself consists of an a la carte restaurant as well as dining and banquet rooms. The Castle's kitchen is inspired by the regional traditions of Sörmland with international, mostly French, influences. Adjacent to the Castle is our beautiful Manor House with its luxurious suites. Next to the Manor House resides the modern Hotel building with panoramic views of Lake Mälaren. There are also rooms and suites in our Park Chalets and the Coachman's Quarters from the 17th century - all in a well balanced blend of historical and modern buildings.There are no hotel rooms in the castle building.

Sundbyholm Castle, situated in the center of the Lake Mälaren region, is easily accessible from all major airports and cities in the area, e.g. only 70 minutes by car from downtown Stockholm. The unique landscape of the Castle also offers Lake Mälaren's longest beach, Europe's northernmost beech forest and a picturesque award-winning pleasure boat marina. We would also recommend taking the short walk to the Sigurd Rune, a 1000 year old fairytale from the Viking period carved in stone. It is the largest rock carving in Södermanland and one of the largest rock carvings in Sweden - a major tourist attraction.

You will also find the Sundbyholm Harness Racing track 1500 meters (just short of 1 mile) from the Castle, and Sundbyholm's Golf Course 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the Castle.

As we say in Sweden, "hjärtligt välkommen" and enjoy your stay!


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