Beach, golf and horse racing just around the corner!

There are plenty of things to do at Sundbyholm. A walk along the beach, out to the cape and back, through the castle parks, continue alongside the pleasure boat marina and through the beech forest to the Sigurd Rune and back - about a one hour walk. Truly magnificent all year round.
In addition to our four-star hotel, we offer a renowned restaurant, banqueting halls and conference rooms. Here you will also find a well-kept harness racetrack some 1500 meters (1 mile) from the Castle. Sundbyholm boasts the finest Golf Course in Eskilstuna, and the most picturesque and cozy pleasure boat harbor. The famous Sigurd Rune is only a 15 minute walk from the Castle – one of the largest Viking era rock carvings in Sweden.
And of course there is Eskilstuna, the closest town, only 12 kilometers (7 miles) to the city center with all its boutiques and shopping outlets and to one of Sörmland's biggest tourist attractions - Parken Zoo.
Welcome to Sundbyholm!

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